3 Tips To Avoid Winter Plumbing Emergencies With Your Hot Water System

Winters are approaching fast and you surely don’t want to leave your Hot Water Service to the last minute. Here are the 3 tips from the lessons learned from last winter as we responded to emergency plumbing calls in Sydney suburbs such as Parramatta and Hills District.

Hot water problems can be a nuisance irrespective of the season, but winters can be especially harsh. As the temperature drops down, the incoming water becomes cold and your hot water heater has to work a litter harder than usual.

During the past winters we witnessed a surge in service calls in the Hills District and Parramatta and other Sydney suburbs because homeowners only realize that their systems are not working properly when they receive post winter bills indicating a substantial increase in their water use.

In order to avoid such a problem and save homeowners on maintenance and energy bills these tips are sure to help cost-conscious homeowners.

Tip 1: Pre-Winter Hot Water Service and Inspection

Ignoring regular hot water maintenance can actually lead to large Hot Water Repair bills or new hot water installation in case of an emergency breakdown. The problem can have the worst impact, especially if the winter season is harsh in the Hills District, Parramatta and other suburbs.

Winters can put extra pressure on your hot water heaters especially if it is an old system with thick layers of sediment buildup. In such a case you may notice water taking too much time to heat up.

Getting a Plumber in your local Sydney suburbs to inspect your system before the cold nights set in, can help you identify major issues with your system and take corrective action on time. Regular maintenance not only prolongs the life of your Hot Water Heater but also gives a boost to its performance.

Tip 2: Wise Use Of Hot Water During Winters

Our daily hot water use from laundry, bathing and doing the dishes significantly increases during the winters. This requires our water heater to work extra in order to meet up to the increased hot water demand.

However, there are several ways you can cut down on your hot water use to avoid putting too much load on your Hot Water Heaters. You can do this by:

  • Taking shorter showers and installing low-flow water conserving shower head
  • Using cold water for the laundry
  • Repair any dripping hot water taps
  • Keep your hot water thermostat on optimum temperature

As seasoned Hot Water Service specialists in Sydney we recommend regulating your hot water use to avoid the damage done to your system due to over-heating.

Tip 3: Consider Energy Conservation

To prevent the winter from having a toll on your hot water heater performance, consider taking some energy conservation steps before you call your local Plumber in Sydney to fix water heating problems.

  1. If you have a Gas Water Heater, consider flushing the system to remove sediment buildup that may be preventing the heat to reach the water above. This can help you avoid plumbing emergencies like quickly running out of hot water or water taking too long to heat.
  2. Pipe insulation, especially the ones that travel through cold spaces can help keep the water heated as it flows from the heater to the tap.
  3. Consider insulating the hot water tank itself to prevent heat loss due to outside temperature.

Do you want to avoid a surprise increase in your post-winter energy bills?

If yes, we can help! We are Sydney based plumbers providing Hot water Service and installation in Parramatta, North Shore, Northern Beaches and surrounding suburbs. We can give you a pre-winter inspection of your hot water heater!

Be proactive and take action before the winter kicks off!

Call us for an obligation-free quote at 1300 663 468.

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