One Hour Plumbing's Natural Gas and LPG offer is ideal for home owners combating rising power bills.

We are 24 hour Plumbers in Sydney having trained specialists with an excellent safety record in installing LPG and Natural gas systems in hundreds of households. With our team at work, you can rest assured that our procedures and equipment comply with legislative requirements.

As Commercial plumbers in Sydney our solutions work best for home-owners and businesses alike. The One Hour Plumbing team can also help you detect gas leaks which, if left unattended, can become dangerous and expensive to fix. In the event you observe even the faintest hint of a gas leak, you need to call an emergency plumber in Sydney right away! Using state-of-the-art bubble leak detectors or a special leak detection fluid our gas-fitters will investigate the leak and fix the problem before it can cause serious damage to your home.

Our comprehensive range of LPG & Natural Gas Heater System services include:

  • Installing and repairing LPG regulators
  • Installing Copper pipes
  • Carrying out Gas inspections
  • Identifying and fixing leaking pipes
  • Installing Gas fittings
  • Installing Gas Cowls
  • Installing K1 gas pipes
  • Replacing Rusted pipes
  • LPG & Natural Gas Conversions
  • Carrying Out Insurance repairs

Being 24 hour Plumber in Sydney our trucks are fully equipped with everything needed to install or fix your natural gas and LPG systems immediately.

  • No surprises * We charge by the job, not by the hour*